Stay green, at least a little longer. Don’t be so quick to throw away your older cameras and laptops when you’ve bought a newer model. Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) has use for them. As a charity organisation, we depend entirely on donations. Rather than spend precious cash donations on buying new laptops and cameras, we’d be more than happy with second-hand ones, so long as they are in good working order.


We need simple-to-use compact digital cameras, using SD cards. Naturally, we also need chargers along with them. If you can still locate the instruction booklet, that would be wonderful. It would also be much appreciated if you could donate an SD card along with it.


We need a few laptops that run on either Windows XP or Vista, with wireless cards. Preferably, the batteries should be in good working order, and of course, we will need the chargers.

If you have any to spare, please drop an email to info @ twc2 . org . sg