Direct Services Report for 2014

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2014 marked Transient Workers Count Too’s tenth year. It was also a year in which the number of meals served at The Cuff Road Project (our food programme for destitute migrant workers) since its launch in 2008 crossed the 500,000 mark. For the first time, we were regularly able to shelter domestic workers who were desperate to escape from bad employment conditions. While the total number of workers directly assisted (2444) fell somewhat compared to the previous year, our social workers helped more workers than ever – 646 cases as well as 440 calls for assistance on our helpline.

download_reportBesides providing an overview of the services TWC2 provides to migrant workers, this report provides a breakdown of the complaints and cases we’ve dealt with, along with brief comments on recent developments as reflected in them. It also discusses the challenges the society sees itself facing in the year or so ahead.

To download the report (pdf format, 24 pages, 128 mb) click the icon at right.

TWC2 is an organization that is dedicated to assisting low-wage migrant workers when they are in difficulty. We are motivated by a sense of fairness and humanity, though our caseload often exceeds our

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