Fewer immigration offenders arrested in 2018

Posted by on March 4, 2019 in Articles, Facts, research, analysis


There were 8.9% fewer immigration offenders arrested in 2018 compared with 2017.  However, there was a 13% increase in arrested of harbourers and employers of immigration offenders. These numbers were reported by the Straits Times on 28 Feb 2018, and they remained small.

The numbers were:

Singapore’s Immigration Act Section 15 specifies strict penalties for overstaying. If the period of overstay does not exceed 90 days, the person shall be liable to a fine of up to $4,000 or imprisonment up to six months or both.

If the period of overstay exceeds 9 days, the penalty is imprisonment not exceeding six months and caning. There shall be at least three strokes of the cane (some exceptions permitted).

Police officers asking migrant workers to produce their work permits or other identification documents

Police officers conduct frequent checks of migrant workers in areas popular with the community. Officers also visit boarding houses quite regularly. TWC2 believes it will be difficult for anyone to overstay for long, especially if he is profiled to look like a migrant worker. However, other than statistics for arrests, it is unrealistic to expect data about the numbers of overstayers in the country. This population would not want to be identified and counted.

TWC2 is an organization that is dedicated to assisting low-wage migrant workers when they are in difficulty. We are motivated by a sense of fairness and humanity, though our caseload often exceeds our

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