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Swindle, cheat and manipulate, example no. 2

November 16th, 2019|

A worker came to us to show us two In-Principle Approval (IPA) letters. These are letters issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) that say that a Work Permit has been approved and will be available to the named person coming into Singapore for employment. It took only

Work 6 months, wait 18 months

October 28th, 2019|

Mazumder's saga began 24 months ago. In it, two employers appear to have gotten off scot-free for not paying his salary.

Just as baby arrives, an eye is lost

October 20th, 2019|

Rafiqul's doctor says surgery is needed or the eye would be lost. Employer says no and refuses to pay. Rafiqul feels he needs a lawyer. But says lawyer is doing nothing to resolve the problem. Here's another worker immobilised by system and culture.

Broken ankle chained to ‘lawyer’

October 9th, 2019|

Anwar is eight months into his injury compensation claim. He is desperate for his medical leave wages to help his family. He is bounced between his 'lawyer' and MOM. Who should rightly be taking action?