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Another source of trouble for workers: their own lawyers

In the above video, Rashid Harun explains why he discharged his lawyer. He had suffered a workplace injury and engaged a lawyer for his WICA compensation claim. His employer argued that the accident did not take place at work but that he fell while he was in a lavatory (at the worksite). His case was  Continue Reading »

The Cuff Road Project: how many men? how many meals?

The Cuff Road Project[i] (TCRP) serves many purposes. For starters, it fills the bellies of a large number of men who aren’t permitted to work under the terms of their Special Pass, or because of action taken by their employer to prevent them from working. Most of the men have filed a work injury claim  Continue Reading »

$300 fine or prison for dropping a cigarette butt

Sep 2012 arrived Singapore Aug 2013 injured at work, 3 months MC Feb 2014 caught working illegally Apr 2015 received injury compensation of $4,000+ Feb 2016 issued $300 fine for dropping a cigarette butt A sad chronology of events for Hasibul: He had worked for less than one year when he suffered a workplace injury.  Continue Reading »

Too many claims for minor injuries

Most of the men who appeal to TWC2 for assistance have lost their jobs and left the company dormitory after suffering a workplace injury and lodging a claim for injury compensation. The majority of them come to TWC2 through the meal program known as The Cuff Road Project (TCRP). In 2015 alone, more than 1,129  Continue Reading »

The bicycle thief (who didn’t do it)

In the much acclaimed 1948 Italian movie of the same name, the protagonist searches for his stolen bike, the bike that he needs to keep his job to help his family escape from poverty in post-World War 2 Italy. Arman, the protagonist of this story who came to work in Singapore to help lift his  Continue Reading »

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