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Together, we can bring dignity to migrant workers

30 men sleeping in a dormitory, beds spaced half a metre apart, all sharing one bathroom. A maid beaten and locked behind closed doors. A construction worker forced to be repatriated because his employer doesn’t want to cover work related medical costs.

These are not stories from a distant land or exaggerations of an undeveloped nation.  These common atrocities are happening much closer to home – in our Singapore.

Migrant workers are the hidden backbone of our society.  They build our award winning architecture, keep our streets clean and help raise our children.

They deserve fairness, dignity and respect.

At TWC2, it is our mission to build a world where migrant workers are treated as human beings.  A society that recognises and values the important contribution they make to our households, economy and country.

Our passionate team rely on your donations to keep our mission going.

For migrant workers, your donations help us do many things to restore dignity including feeding those who haven’t been paid, supporting those with disputes and covering emergency medical costs.

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Donating electronically

Donating is easy, secure and handled by our partners at or Paypal (click the appropriate logos). We prefer – the donation portal run by the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre – as the handling charges are lower. Currently (it may change from time to time) levies a 3.0% handling rate; unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available for overseas credit cards. Paypal’s handling rate varies depending on the amount in the transaction. A $10 transaction attracts an 8.4% Paypal commission. A $100 transaction attracts 4.4% while for a $500 transaction, it is around 3.5%. These rates may also change with time.

For Singaporeans, we suggest you donate via
For Internationals, we suggest you donate via

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Donating by cheque

For larger amounts, you are welcome to send us a cheque. Please make the cheque out to our official name ‘Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)’ and mail it to our address as shown on the FIND US page. If you need a receipt, please drop us an email, which is also on the FIND US page. Since there is no intermediary for cheque donations, no commission or handling fee is charged.

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Donating by bank transfer

If you prefer to help us by direct bank transfer, either through an ATM (automatic teller machine) locally in Singapore or through telegraphic transfer internationally, you may wish to know the following information:

  • Name of Beneficiary: Transient Workers Count Too
  • Account Number: 006-900625-0
  • Type of Account: Current Account
  • Name of Beneficiary Bank: DBS Bank
  • Address of Beneficiary Bank: 12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
  • Country: Singapore
  • SWIFT Bank Indentifier Code (BIC): DBSSSGSG

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Terms and conditions of donations

Generally speaking, all donations received will go into the general fund that is meant to support all activities of Transient Workers Count Too, unless a specific appeal is launched. However, as a matter of internal policy, over three-quarters (by value) of expenses shall be of direct benefit to TWC2’s beneficiaries (migrant workers) or for the cost of social workers needed to help them with their cases, i.e. for “charitable activities”, in the parlance of auditors. In 2015, about 91% of all our expenses were classified as for “charitable activities”. About 9% of expenditure was spent on “governance” activities which includes such things as accounting, insurance, office administration and audit costs.


Donations that are earmarked for any special purpose(s) will be exclusively spent on the named purpose (subject to next paragraph). However, such earmarks would only be possible

(a) when TWC2 informs the public through this website that such a donation window is open — the donation appeal will state the purposes and time limits;

(b) when there is prior mutual agreement between a large donor and TWC2.

Earmarked donations (where mutually agreed or accepted through a specific appeal) will be applied to the designated purpose for as long as the purpose exists. If there is any excess after the purpose is fulfilled, or the named beneficiary (if any) is no longer contactable for a period exceeding six months, the excess donations will be migrated to the general fund, so that the monies can be more usefully applied to other needs and programmes run by TWC2.

Unsolicited but earmarked

Unsolicited donations that are earmarked create administrative difficulties for us. For example, telling us that a donation is meant for language courses for migrant workers is meaningless when TWC2 neither runs language courses nor is there any demand by workers for language courses.  Telling us that a donation is meant for such and such a worker only creates a hassle because we may not have any contact with this named worker.

It is unfair to other donors to create such administrative difficulties, because we then expend resources, e.g. staff time and communication costs, trying to sort out or return earmarked donations. These resources would have been supported by donations from other donors, and are better spent providing for migrant workers than sorting out the above-mentioned hassles.

Where a special purpose is attached to a donation by the donor, but TWC2 has not set up such a special purpose, the special purpose cannot be recognised as valid. Where the donor is anonymous or cannot be reached, the donation will go into the general fund.

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