Discussion: economics of labour migration

18 07, 2018

Bangladeshi workers’ perception of Singapore, choice of Singapore as work destination and journey here

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Intern Roy Lim was with TWC2 from late April to early June 2018. Among his tasks were to complete a research project, a smallish one in view of the limited time and that fact that it had to be done single-handedly. The attached paper is his report. In his paper, he found that Bangladeshi workers

5 07, 2018

$55 a day and the bright side of things

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By Philomène Franssen based on an interview in April 2018 It is quite an unusual story that I got to hear at TWC2's Cuff Road Project food programme, one Monday evening. Indeed, as a volunteer member of the Communications team, when I sign up to interview one of the migrant workers that TWC2 assists, I

17 06, 2018

When court orders are worthless: the Zach Engineering case

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Longform by Gautam Joseph with contribution by Choo Wai Hong  Timeline Dec 2014 Two workers at Zach Engineering summarily dismissed after employer has disagreement with Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Mar – Jun 2015 Two workers rehired by Zach Engineering, three other Bangladeshi workers join. Oct 2015 Fifteen workers paid only food allowance. Indian workers fight

8 06, 2018

48 Nihal workers left high and dry, and MOM’s ‘softly, softly’ role

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None of the workers has gotten any real satisfaction. Nada. Worse yet, it was hardly an unusual case; it's becoming all too common for migrant workers to be left high and dry after their employers fail to pay the agreed salaries and the Ministry of Manpower's dispute resolution system either grinds too slowly, or grinds

22 05, 2018

Foreign workforce numbers, 2017

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The number of Work Permit holders in the construction sector declined by nearly 10% between end-2016 and end-2017, latest figures on foreign workforce numbers show. There were 284,900 construction Work Permit holders end-2017 compared to 315,500 of them end-2016. It's a reduction of over 30,000. This mirrors the 8.4% contraction in construction industry GDP in

11 05, 2018

From too much noise to an uneasy silence

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By Sun Hanchen, based on an interview in January 2018 I wrote about Rajan (not his real name) in an earlier story "Worker asks for reimbursement of medical bills, sets off chain of events".   In this story, I will recount his work history, to give readers a glimpse into a foreign worker's experience in Singapore through

7 05, 2018

The cook and the consumer

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By Aaron Chua, based on interviews conducted in March 2018 At Transient Workers Count Too, we are mostly dealing with cases of salary and injury problems, but what do the day-to-day affairs of an average migrant worker look like? We got a glimpse of how their meals were managed when we recently interviewed a couple

10 04, 2018

A review of overtime pay and related issues

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Most interns are required to do some research during their period with Transient Workers Count Too. Coupled with their exposure to casework, this is to enable them to gain an in-depth understanding of at least one facet of the many issues migrant workers are faced with. Undergraduate Wang Shimeng interned with us in December 2017