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20 03, 2015

Acting on a tip-off, TWC2 rescues a maid trapped over two years without a day off, part 2

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The Ministry of Manpower has accused TWC2 of publishing a "grossly untruthful account" relating to Indonesian domestic worker Wahyuni (see our earlier article here). This quote was contained in a story published in The New Paper on 8 March 2015 and archived on AsiaOne. See here and here. Transient Workers Count Too stands by our story

2 10, 2014

No salary, no day off for 20 months, part 1

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By Nissa Mai “I will kill you ah!” She very angry, angry. She smack me four times. I say, “I'm a human, I'm sorry!” [Then], Amah show me the big knife. She say, “[If] you argue, I cut you with the big knife.” That's when Surya (not her real name) ran away for the first

29 05, 2014

We’ve served half a million meals

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Transient Workers Count Too has served half a million meals since our Cuff Road Project began in 2008. The milestone was celebrated on Monday 28 April 2014 with a boisterous lucky draw and contest. Nonetheless, reflecting on its significance, TWC2 president Russell Heng suggests the event deserves mixed feelings: "Half a million -- while we

6 04, 2014

Cuff Road Project 2013: Statistics

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The Cuff Road Food Programme is Transient Workers Count Too’s signature project. It provides free meals to migrant workers six days a week when they are injured or otherwise out of work and destitute. It also offers an important contact point between the organisation and those in need of help. Workers not only get nourishment,

26 03, 2014

MOM does not abandon workers, says ministry director

2019-08-30T16:33:34+08:00March 26th, 2014|News, News Flash|

The director of the Foreign Manpower Management Division, Kevin Teoh, told the commission of inquiry looking into the Little India riots that his ministry does not abandon workers. This was after TWC2 president Russell Heng had hold the committee in earlier testimony that workers "basically have to resort to charity to survive in Singapore" as they

28 11, 2013

Menton diary, part 4

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GO TO PART   23 November 2013, Saturday At last, the story appears in the Straits Times, but it's quite deeply buried within the local news section. The Online Citizen has a longer story. For a summary of both stories, see Menton Technologies' failure to pay salaries in the news.  Alex visits one of the Geylang

24 11, 2013

Menton diary, part 3

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GO TO PART     21 November 2013, Thursday First thing this morning, our social workers call the Menton workers from Geylang, whom we met yesterday, to ask if they had a place to sleep last night and whether breakfast has been catered. They say Yes to both. We're glad to hear that. This means MOM has

23 11, 2013

Menton diary, part 1

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18 Nov 2013, Monday evening A small group of five men approach TWC2 executive committee members Debbie Fordyce and Alex Au at our free meals location in Little India, telling us that they've not been paid and have lost their jobs. Two more workers arrive and Alex sits down with all seven of them to

1 11, 2013

Proposals submitted for “second phase” employment legislation review

2019-08-30T16:34:16+08:00November 1st, 2013|News, Our Stand|

In response to the Ministry of Manpower's call for public feedback on the "second phase" of proposed changes to the Employment Act (EA) and the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA), Transient Workers Count Too submitted a 39-page document on 30 October 2013 arguing for a long list of needed improvements. Some proposals urge amendments