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3 05, 2017

No work, no money, no food

2019-08-30T16:31:33+08:00May 3rd, 2017|Articles, Stories|

By Bill Poorman “No work.” Those were the worst possible words that Masud could have heard. Like all foreign workers, he had come to Singapore to put in long hours and make a better life. In Singapore, he could earn a higher income than in his home country of Bangladesh. But when he arrived here in September of

20 10, 2016

Some workers get to cook, others have to put up with bad catered food

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Not your typical worker's meal By Seah Bei Ying Most of us have seen some Bangladeshi workers having their packed lunches in void decks in heartland areas. Where the lunch come from? Did they buy curry and rice from the nearby coffee shop for their everyday meals? If yes, then how much did their costs

14 06, 2015

Today newspaper reports on our ‘day off’ findings

2019-08-30T16:32:30+08:00June 14th, 2015|Media Coverage, News|

Today newspaper devoted a full page to our newly-released research report on weekly day off for domestic workers. Of the 195 respondents surveyed by the non-governmental organisation from July 2013 to October last year, only 41 per cent said they had four rest days each month. Close to a quarter said they got either one

6 06, 2015

Domestic worker loses 20 kg in five months of hell

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By Polly Perdereau “I WANT, I WANT!” These were Supinah’s defiant words to her husband when he objected to her going back to Singapore to work. She had stayed put in Java, Indonesia, for two years to take care of their only child. Despite her husband’s strong opposition, Supinah’s decision prevailed. Little did she know that

1 04, 2015

In the news: bad food served to workers

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"Foul-smelling curry, rock-solid fish with scales still intact..." -- this was how Today newspaper opened its story (titled "Foreign workers served 'unappetising, stale food'", 19 March 2015) on the poor quality of food that foreign workers get. The story referred primarily to male workers at construction sites. Based on an on-going survey by researchers from

20 03, 2015

Acting on a tip-off, TWC2 rescues a maid trapped over two years without a day off, part 2

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The Ministry of Manpower has accused TWC2 of publishing a "grossly untruthful account" relating to Indonesian domestic worker Wahyuni (see our earlier article here). This quote was contained in a story published in The New Paper on 8 March 2015 and archived on AsiaOne. See here and here. Transient Workers Count Too stands by our story