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Held in windowless room, Shahjahan faced forced repatriation. TWC2 rescues him

By Kimberley Ng Kept in a windowless room with three company representatives patrolling outside and the imminent threat of forced deportation looming over his head, Molla Shahjahan called TWC2 for help. At 11 on the morning of 7 June 2016, Shahjahan had just been discharged after three nights’ stay at Alexandra Hospital following a debilitating lower  Continue Reading »

Forced repatriation can lead to death, needs to be addressed

Three recent posts here at this site demonstrate that employers continue to try to forcibly repatriate foreign workers, despite workers having unresolved salary claims or untreated injuries. This practice inflicts a great injustice on them. The failure of the authorities to stop it can only lead to speculation about conscious neglect. Mark Lamb has an eye-witness account of  Continue Reading »

Do I stay and press my case, or give up and go?

By Mark Lamb Thursday, 5 May 2016. “An emergency” whisks through the room where we’re convening to discuss communication plans for Transient Workers Count Too. My barometer perks up but it is no time for self-interest as this appears to be a serious matter and one of immediate urgency. In a calm but pressing voice,  Continue Reading »

Forced repatriation still taking place

Below are two screenshots of Facebook postings (7 April 2016) by Jolovan Wham, executive director of the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME). What they clearly show is that the practice of forcibly repatriating migrant workers, sometimes without even paying them their salary, continues to this day. His reference to “walking time bomb” is related to  Continue Reading »