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“Short pants, T-shirt, like this airport how to go?”

By Sun Hanchen; based on an interview in May 2017 The TWC2 volunteer was only following TWC2’s registration protocol, as he requested Shahjahan Mahamud to pose for a simple photo for documentation purposes. Shahjahan hesitated. It was no surprise he was nervous that evening, for the treatment he received during and after his accident was nothing  Continue Reading »

Employers owe hospitals money; workers’ treatment at risk

By Liang Lei, based on an interview in May 2017 Undoubtedly, Singapore can boast of a world-leading healthcare system that offers high quality medical treatment for a wide range of injuries, diseases and emergencies. Unfortunately, timely and trouble-free access to such services is frequently lacking for our foreign labor, when injuries occur at work. I speak to  Continue Reading »

Sukranjan’s case drags beyond 12 months. How is he to survive?

By Troy Lee, based on an interview in May 2017 On the Ministry of Manpower’s website, it is stated that most work injury claims take “3 to 6 months for most cases. Some injuries may need more time to stabilise before a doctor can assess for permanent incapacity.” However, many of the cases that come to  Continue Reading »

68% of construction workers work illegally long hours

Over two-thirds (68%) of foreign construction workers work so much overtime that their total monthly overtime hours would breach the legal maximum of 72 overtime hours a month. Of these, one in three (23%) worked twelve and a half hours or more in a single day — which also violates the legal daily maximum of 12  Continue Reading »

Harri boss finally sent to jail for salary and housing abuses

In an encouraging development, the prosecutor in a recent case made the argument that using the threat of dismissal and repatriation to compel foreign workers to accept lower wages would constitute an offence. According to a news story in Today newspaper, Nallusamy Narayanan, the boss of a number of companies under the Harri name, had  Continue Reading »

Pay is many times better than in Bangladesh, but living conditions worse

By Poh De Sheng Farid is a Bangladeshi national who has had the uncommon experience of having worked at shipyards in both Bangladesh and Singapore. He was able to offer a comparison of the conditions workers face in Singapore vis-à-vis Bangladesh. Back in Bangladesh, Farid shared a house with six co-workers in the city of  Continue Reading »

Injured worker abandoned without food for two days

By Yi Ning On 18 March 2016, Islam Saiful fell about three metres at his worksite, landing on his back and leaving him with agonizing pain. This was just the start of his problems. He was told that it was just a small matter, and that there wouldn’t be any need to see the doctor or  Continue Reading »

Some workers get to cook, others have to put up with bad catered food

By Seah Bei Ying Most of us have seen some Bangladeshi workers having their packed lunches in void decks in heartland areas. Where the lunch come from? Did they buy curry and rice from the nearby coffee shop for their everyday meals? If yes, then how much did their costs come to? These are fleeting thoughts that  Continue Reading »

Reflections: Housing and sustenance for Special Pass men

Most interns who spend 6 – 9 weeks with TWC2 are asked to wrap up their internship with an essay on a specific topic. Moe spent April and May 2016 with us assisting with casework and the Cuff Road Project. In the process, he came across many foreign workers who had lost their jobs either  Continue Reading »

Workers who find their doctors and lawyers adding to their problems

By Pat Meyer At TWC2, we expect to be helping workers with employer-related problems. But at least as often, we find ourselves dealing with problems created by doctors and lawyers. It was raining hard Tuesday night as TWC2’s meal programme in Little India was about to begin. One of the first men we met that  Continue Reading »