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Kamroul waiting months for MRI, not allowed to work, no income

By Sun Hanchen Hasan Kamroul was a marine trades worker, working at Benoi Shipyard. 7 December 2016 was supposed to be just another normal work night for him, but all changed several hours into his shift. Having been tasked to move some 26-inch pipes with two of his fellow workers, Kamroul set about doing his  Continue Reading »

How the rich get richer, the poor get poorer: Mondol’s experience

One of the major themes when analysing the current crisis of neoliberal capitalism is the way economic rent has run amuck, exacerbating the rich-poor divide. Economic rent is the profit extracted by a party who has access to a resource that others do not have and which others feel they need. That party does not  Continue Reading »

Even with his good eye, Atikur can’t see what his ‘lawyer’ is doing

By Peter Looker “Lawyer say you wait, you wait, you wait MC money” Atikur (not his real name) tells me, “but money no give”. For four whole months now, Atikur, a worker from Bangladesh,  has been waiting for “MC pay” accruing from the medical leave he was given for a serious and ongoing problem with  Continue Reading »

“Play play accident,” says foreman to doctor

By Emily Benjamin At National University Hospital (NUH) where Khan Momen was brought to after his accident, the orthopaedic surgeon only spoke “little bit to me”, said the injured worker. The surgeon spoke mostly to the company foreman and safety officer, and at some distance from the patient too. While Khan Momen could not  hear the entire  Continue Reading »

Worker couldn’t tell family he’s injured: “I know they will headache”

By Gabriel Liong After working a long shift plus an additional four hours of overtime, Sahajan was looking forward to a restful night. It was 9.15pm. His day at the shipyard had begun at 7.30am. Climbing into the back of his company’s lorry, Sahajan made himself comfortable for the ride back to the dormitory. Little  Continue Reading »

Good employer, but injured worker still wants to sue

By Davina Tham When injured workers come to Transient Workers Count Too, the sorry tales they bring are usually about trying to get proper medical treatment and difficulty in getting reluctant employers to foot the bills as they should by law. Rarely is there someone like Lakshmanan Sasikumar, whose employer seems to have checked all  Continue Reading »