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Escaping from ruthless employer, Amzad gets help at every turn

By Chow Shunqi, based on an interview in September 2017 (27 Sept) He stayed as quiet as he could so others would think he was asleep. When it was 3am, he tiptoed out of the room, walked as far as he could with an injured ankle and found a hiding spot among the bushes. There was  Continue Reading »

“Agree to lower salary, or you won’t get your pay,” says company manager

By Wahid Al Mamun based on an interview late July 2017 A lot of things can happen in two months, and Mollah Showrov has learned this the hard way. His right leg is now in held immobile in an orthopaedic boot. I notice how gingerly he seats himself in the plastic chair beside me. Here  Continue Reading »

Records of accidents are such a nuisance, aren’t they?

By Namgay Choden, based on an interview in July 2017 With me this evening is Howlader Mohammod Selim, and he tells me about what happened in September 2016. Selim had suffered an accident at work, and was brought to Ng Teng Fong Hospital in Jurong East. After treatment, the doctor asked Selim whether he needed  Continue Reading »

Muthamilselvan thought he’d be taken to hospital. Fat chance.

By Vivek R It was a rainy day in Jurong Shipyard on Chinese New Year’s eve 2016. The worksite was particularly slippery as rain water coalesced with sand to turn the working grounds into slurry.  But with the company falling behind on contract schedule, the work must go on. The day looked ominous but Muthamilselvan  Continue Reading »

Boss cancels worker’s surgery, worker loses flexibility and feeling in thumb

By Audrey Tan He took on a new job with high hopes, but now finds himself at the lowest point of his life. Ragunathan Kaliyarasan, 28, is jobless and struggling to recover after a workplace injury in March 2016. His predicament tells the story of a dismissive employer. “I want(ed) to land one job perfectly,”  Continue Reading »

How we walked Muslem Motalb, with broken knee, home

Muslem Motalb will always remember Transient Workers Count Too fondly. “I [will] never forget TWC2,” he told us in the days before he went home. “Many people in TWC2 help me so much.” We’ll tell the story here of what we did to help bring his case to a successful conclusion. It took almost a  Continue Reading »

Seeing rain clouds on a clear day

By Lucas Sim All through my hour with Masud (not his real name), I was expecting him to say something like ‘my boss don’t want me to see doctor’,  or ‘my boss don’t want to pay for my treatment’. These are common complaints that volunteers like me hear from workers coming to Transient Workers Count  Continue Reading »

Injured worker told he must show up at work, but “just standing only”

By Saw Suhui When I first spot Rahabul, he is standing at a corner of a coffee shop, using a flimsy piece of tissue paper to cover the wound on his hand as his friend helps to translate his account of his unfortunate incident to a fellow volunteer. “Pain,” he says of his wound. Rahabul,  Continue Reading »

In a soft voice, a tale of $10,000

By Jas Talukder Joynal approaches me hesitantly, yet he does not strike me as a man of low self-esteem. Clad in a brightly coloured checkered shirt, with a good trendy fit, he definitely cares about his appearance. His face is one that has not yet been marked with the hardships of life and I am a little  Continue Reading »

Even MOM thinks a broken arm deserves sick leave

By William Chin You might think that a broken arm with 2 pins inserted would warrant a medical certificate (MC). Not so if you are treated by a certain Dr Tan — TWC2 has her full name. Monir Shafi suffered a bad fall on 28 July 2015, which required treatment for his arm and back.  Continue Reading »