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Immigration status: overstay

Fewer immigration offenders arrested in 2018

  There were 8.9% fewer immigration offenders arrested in 2018 compared with 2017.  However, there was a 13% increase in arrested of harbourers and employers of immigration offenders. These numbers were reported by the Straits Times on 28 Feb 2018, and they remained small. The numbers were: Singapore’s Immigration Act Section 15 specifies strict penalties  Continue Reading »

Debt, jail and “no future”: an overstayer’s story

By Darrell Foo, based on an interview in November 2018 At TWC2’s Cuff Road Project where free meals are distributed to destitute foreign workers, almost all the men’s “makan cards” (meal eligibility cards issued by TWC2) state “injury” or “not paid salary” as their problems. My guess is that 99% of them have one of  Continue Reading »

A mookata waiter’s tale

By Liang Lei, based on an interview in July 2017 The raid came. Subbas was on duty that night, and he was arrested. His luck had run out. He would spend a month in jail and, tied to a medieval rack, receive three strokes of the cane, cutting his flesh deeply and bloodily. It would  Continue Reading »

Catch the victim, never mind the syndicate

It was Sadhin who first saw her. She was crying, lost in a foreign country, knowing nobody. All she knew was that her tourist visa was about to expire and she would soon be an illegal overstayer. Broke and with no means to purchase a flight home, she could soon be spending time in prison.  Continue Reading »

They’re going on holiday together

By Keith Wong I asked four friends when we were having a Friday night out whether they’d prefer to use a moving company that employed Bangladeshi workers or one that employed ex-convicts. There was no contest. All made it exceedingly clear they would choose the company that had Bangladeshi workers. “They’re very hardworking,”  one said. “And  Continue Reading »

Nabbing immigration offenders affects Special Pass holders too

The drop in the number of immigration offenders was covered recently in the news: 2,077, 1,698, and 1,318 people were arrested for immigration offences in the first half of 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively [endnote 1]. The news story did not reveal whether these numbers included both male and female immigration offenders, who encounter significantly  Continue Reading »

Left for dead, Jitu finds his feet again

By Spiegel Back home in Shariatpur, Bangladesh, he left behind a wife and four young, school-going children. Far away in Singapore, he sought a better living. If only for just eight months, he did find it. But a horrific workplace accident would cost him nearly everything. His name is Jitu. After paying an agent $4,000  Continue Reading »