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Majority of Indonesian domestic workers in Singapore “did not get enough to eat”, says researcher

“The majority of respondents did not get enough to eat, regularly ate a limited variety of food, and often went to bed hungry in employers’ homes,” reported Charlene Mohammed in her research paper publicly available  at the University of Victoria website.  The researcher is with the university’s Department of Anthropology, and conducted her study in  Continue Reading »

Domestic workers shell out money to dress up for pageants

The Sunday edition of the Straits Times, 29 October 2017, featured beauty contests that attract domestic workers on their days off. It said that there are such pageants almost every week, run by about 20 private organisers. Each contest may have about 40 participants. But taking part in the contest came at a price. Jessica, 33, a  Continue Reading »

Kuwait revamps recruitment companies for domestic workers, raises workers’ rights

Kuwait’s legislature passed two new laws recently to improve the conditions of domestic workers. One of the laws sets up a new type of company for recruiting domestic workers to replace the private companies that currently recruit domestic helpers. The new type of company cannot take any payments from the recruited workers. According to a statement  Continue Reading »

Little India: a community landscape

By Shona Loong It is 7.30pm on a Sunday evening, and I am making my way through the heart of Little India. Although this route is familiar to me, everything looks different. Streets that are normally silent and empty are transformed by the presence of large numbers of migrant men chattering away in Bengali. A  Continue Reading »

Today newspaper reports on our ‘day off’ findings

Today newspaper devoted a full page to our newly-released research report on weekly day off for domestic workers. Of the 195 respondents surveyed by the non-governmental organisation from July 2013 to October last year, only 41 per cent said they had four rest days each month. Close to a quarter said they got either one  Continue Reading »

The Right to Rest: The effectiveness of the ‘day off’ legislation for foreign domestic workers

Government legislation has helped improve foreign domestic workers’ access to compensation in lieu of a day off, but 59% of foreign domestic workers in Singapore still do not get a weekly day off. To mark International Domestic Workers’ Day (16 June 2015), Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) publishes a new report: ‘The Right to Rest:  Continue Reading »

TWC2 partners with Ogilvy & Mather to call on employers to give domestic workers their due day off

  Press Release 23 April 2015 In the run up to International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day, on May 1, TWC2 has partnered with Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) to launch a campaign urging employers to grant a weekly day off to their domestic workers.  As part of the campaign, O&M has created a short film  Continue Reading »

Acting on a tip-off, TWC2 rescues a maid trapped over two years without a day off, part 2

The Ministry of Manpower has accused TWC2 of publishing a “grossly untruthful account” relating to Indonesian domestic worker Wahyuni (see our earlier article here). This quote was contained in a story published in The New Paper on 8 March 2015 and archived on AsiaOne. See here and here. Transient Workers Count Too stands by our story  Continue Reading »

Acting on a tip-off, TWC2 rescues a maid trapped over two years without a day off

Late November 2014, an email came from the blogsite TR Emeritus about an Indonesian domestic worker who was not allowed to leave her employer’s house for two years. The email sender said “hope you guys can take a look at this case seriously. The poor maid is said to be always hungry and begging for  Continue Reading »

No pay for 2 years, slapped for saying hello to a fellow worker

By Lauri When she came down to meet us for the first time, “she had only a small bag containing her documents,” Karno recalls. “She didn’t even have her clothes and things.” TWC2 social worker Karno and a volunteer were waiting at the foot of an HDB block of flats to rescue Indonesian domestic worker  Continue Reading »