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Type of work pass: S-Pass

The man in the ministry’s locked drawer

By Alex, based on an interview in November 2017 “Why are you still in Singapore?” I ask Sarkar Debabrata. He is showing me a Special Pass dated 19 January 2017 — ten months old — which allows him to remain in Singapore until his case at the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is concluded. Yet, in his  Continue Reading »

Anatomy of an S-Pass scam

By Darren Oei Rama, a forty-ish Indian national, comes up to TWC2 volunteer Alex, giving him an update to his case. Alex nods and says “Good, that’s good,” though I can’t make sense of what Rama is saying. Then for some reason, Rama turns to me and continues telling me his good news, but he  Continue Reading »

More than 5,000 submitted forged certificates between 2012 and 2014

In a blogpost, Manpower minister Lim Swee Say said “Between 2012 and 2014, more than 5,000 foreigners were barred from working in Singapore for life, for submitting forged academic certificates to obtain work passes. “ The main point of the post was to explain how his ministry handles cases of treats forged degrees and those  Continue Reading »

Genius Engineering, part 3: nearly 100 skilled electricians lost

Four months after employees of Genius Engineering and related companies lodged salary complaints with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Mouazzam Hossin (pictured above) is still in Singapore, struggling to get something out of what he is owed. Mouazzam is among the last of the workers still here. Nearly all the rest — there were altogether  Continue Reading »

Blue Diamond director gets the blues: why can’t service sector staff come from India?

Singapore brings in hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from India and Bangladesh for the construction and marine industries. We also have large numbers of technical and professional immigrants from the Indian subcontinent. They need to eat. They prefer to eat at restaurants that serve their kind of food. To keep their customers happy, restaurant  Continue Reading »

980,000 work permit holders as at June 2014

New data released by the Ministry of Manpower (source) show increases across all categories of foreign work passes during the first six months of 2014. The data period has also changed; where MOM used to report workforce numbers as at December each year, this time MOM reported for the mid-year point. This is consistent with  Continue Reading »

Engineering diploma-holder made to work as general labourer

By Hui Zhen Manikandan was instructed to meet “boss” one day, after six days’ absence from work, and told he would be fined $180 ($30 a day) for not being on the job. “Boss say, ‘Don’t give story’,” he exclaimed. He was then gripped by his shirt and told he’d be sent back to India.  Continue Reading »

Owed $18,000 by boss, Arul told he should go home without collecting it

By Jacintha Gopal Narayanasamy Arulmurugan (Arul) has in hand a formal order issued by a Labour Court ordering his employer to pay him $18,276.42 in owed salary. But he is facing the stark possibility that he’d soon be told by the Ministry of Manpower to buy his own ticket and go home to India without  Continue Reading »

Having to write off $6,500, worker feels ‘heart pain’

By Keith W “Now I get less,” says Prashath Ranthulan (not his real name). “Other worker, they take $3,000 and go back [home]. Agent give, but tell worker [if] take money, cannot go MOM.” He was the only one to turn down the hush money. Why? “I want to complain MOM. I don’t want other  Continue Reading »

Lured by promises, worker hands over $5,000 to employer

By Spiegel Saddled with debt and stripped of his livelihood, Rahim (not his real name) feels his life hanging in the balance. A wage dispute last month prompted Rahim’s Singaporean employer to revoke his work permit without warning, casting the 28-year-old Bangladeshi out in the cold. It’s a bitter blow for the sole breadwinner to  Continue Reading »