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MOM makes about-turn after saying it can’t much help HBB workers

The Straits Times reporter met with the men on Thursday 2 March 2017. We thought the story would be out around the weekend, but the newspaper didn’t have enough space. Parliament was sitting and debating the budget; space in the Home section was at a premium. The story was the kind that we at Transient  Continue Reading »

Genius Engineering, part 3: nearly 100 skilled electricians lost

Four months after employees of Genius Engineering and related companies lodged salary complaints with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Mouazzam Hossin (pictured above) is still in Singapore, struggling to get something out of what he is owed. Mouazzam is among the last of the workers still here. Nearly all the rest — there were altogether  Continue Reading »

Contractor folds, 220 workers likely to lose out on salaries

By Eitan After a year of volunteering, I can now spot a new guy at our soup kitchen with little difficulty. Unlike the ‘regulars’ who know the drill — present a meal card, sign into the registration book, get a token — and who also engage in some banter with TWC2 volunteers, the new ones  Continue Reading »

MOM’s ‘rebuttal’ actually lends support to many points we made

By TWC2 vice-president Alex Au On Friday 29 August 2014, the Ministry of Manpower said that my letter published in the Straits Times forum 25 August 2014 (Salary non-payment a big issue for migrant workers) “paints an inaccurate picture”. MOM’s reply was published in the newspaper on Friday 29 August. The headline of MOM’s letter  Continue Reading »

Genius Engineering, part 1: the first group comes to TWC2

A large group of workers from Genius Engineering approached TWC2 for help over salary non-payment. Volunteer Meera Rajah meets two of them. By Meera Rajah “Next week… next week… wait”, Rafiqul and Hossain are now – unfortunately – accustomed to this unvarying refrain. It has been three months and four days since they last received  Continue Reading »

Talk at European Union Human Rights Day seminar

Below is the short talk TWC2 vice-president Alex Au (above, 2nd from left) gave at the Human Rights Day seminar organised by the Delegation of the European Union delegation to Singapore, 10 December 2013. The theme of the seminar was ‘Contemporary perspectives on economic & social rights’. — In the matter of employment, we would  Continue Reading »

Menton diary, Part 5

GO TO PART   2 December 2013, Monday Two designated contact persons from the Toh Guan group of ex-Menton staff come to the office to update and discuss the case with social workers Kenneth and Karno. Quite a few things have happened over the weekend. Twenty workers have been paid $1,500 to $2,000 each, received air  Continue Reading »

Menton diary, part 1

18 Nov 2013, Monday evening A small group of five men approach TWC2 executive committee members Debbie Fordyce and Alex Au at our free meals location in Little India, telling us that they’ve not been paid and have lost their jobs. Two more workers arrive and Alex sits down with all seven of them to  Continue Reading »