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Kader snared by the barbs of bureaucratic absurdities

By Darren Tan, based on an interview in August 2018 By July 2018, Munshi Kader was reaching the end of his temporary job with a chemical factory in the Pioneer district of Singapore. He had worked two six-month stints at this factory, and the boss liked him enough to want to retain him permanently. “MOM  Continue Reading »

Government made Rony stay in Singapore, his marriage destroyed

In the second half of 2017, Sikdar Rony lodged two complaints with the Ministry of Manpower. One was over unpaid salary and the other was about having been made to pay a kickback in order to get a job transfer. His unpaid salary case eventually went against him. His evidence was rather incomplete and he  Continue Reading »

The thing that most irks him? “MOM take my passport”

By Ng Zuxiang, based on an interview in July 2018 You have a carefully trimmed goatee. You are 26 years old. You have come from Bangladesh to Singapore as the job opportunities and pay here would likely be better than at home. You came to earn a living on which your family back home can  Continue Reading »

“Excuse me, can we talk to you a little bit?”

Photographs by Nguyen Phi Yen, from an evening in April 2018 Every weekday evening, volunteers with Transient Workers Count Too are there on the streets in front of our meal stations. It’s warm and humid, but we’re there because we want to make it easy for foreign workers to approach us if they need help.  Continue Reading »

Ataus loses his job after only nine days – and after he paid $3,800 for it

By Kan Ren Jie On 23 June 2016, Ataus Samad Rifat, 28, was suddenly fired from his job. “Go back home. Your work permit has been cancelled. We have already bought ticket.”  The ‘madam’ (the female administrative staff) at his office then proceeded to take his work permit from him. That was how Ataus described  Continue Reading »

Reflections: Housing and sustenance for Special Pass men

Most interns who spend 6 – 9 weeks with TWC2 are asked to wrap up their internship with an essay on a specific topic. Moe spent April and May 2016 with us assisting with casework and the Cuff Road Project. In the process, he came across many foreign workers who had lost their jobs either  Continue Reading »

Boss brazenly asked Hasan to pay for job

By Aruj Shukla It has long been a well-known fact that migrant workers in Singapore need to pay an exorbitant amount of money as agent fees to the middlemen based in their respective home countries. Stories about the possibility of the employers colluding with the agent and taking a sizeable cut from the agent fees  Continue Reading »

Three months so far in Singapore: two jobs in two months, one month without job

This case was first covered in the story Four workers allege employer made them pay for their jobs, MOM investigating. That was based on an interview in December 2015 soon after a group of men had lodged complaints at the Ministry of Manpower.  In this subsequent interview, conducted on 8 March 2016, one of the  Continue Reading »

Four workers allege employer made them pay for their jobs, MOM investigating

  By Ranjana Raghunathan At TWC2’s Cuff Road Project, a group of five workers, three Indian and two Bangladeshi, catch my attention. They seem to know each other, and have come to enroll themselves in the free meal program together. Upon questioning a little, I learn that they, along with four other workers, faced issues  Continue Reading »

In a soft voice, a tale of $10,000

By Jas Talukder Joynal approaches me hesitantly, yet he does not strike me as a man of low self-esteem. Clad in a brightly coloured checkered shirt, with a good trendy fit, he definitely cares about his appearance. His face is one that has not yet been marked with the hardships of life and I am a little  Continue Reading »