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TWC2 activity: volunteering

Injury compensation case goes well, then all fouled up by lawyer and lover

By Janson Chang, based on an interview in September 2017 Remo (not his real name) is one man among many as he sidles forward in the queue to have his meal card stamped.  He doesn’t say much, and is about to head off after receiving the stamp – till a closer look at his Special  Continue Reading »

Donation campaign a huge success, distribution of 3G phones begins

42 delighted men received 3G phones from Transient Workers Count Too 21 March 2017. It was the first of a series of phone distribution events that has been planned in advance of the cessation of 2G signals throughout Singapore on 1 April 2017. The remaining batches of eligible migrant workers will be getting their 3G phones over  Continue Reading »

How the rich get richer, the poor get poorer: Mondol’s experience

One of the major themes when analysing the current crisis of neoliberal capitalism is the way economic rent has run amuck, exacerbating the rich-poor divide. Economic rent is the profit extracted by a party who has access to a resource that others do not have and which others feel they need. That party does not  Continue Reading »

MOM’s Labour Court skirted with enforcing an illegal ‘contract’

Volunteers at TWC2 were alarmed to hear from Sohel Rana, in mid July 2016, that the Assistant Commissioner of Labour presiding over his Labour Court case might be planning to rule in a manner contrary to written law. It would seriously undermine his claim and set an extremely bad precedent. Md Sohel Rana’s case had  Continue Reading »

The artist in Parthiban blooms amidst injury and loss of a hand

By Katia Barthelemy Photos by Dipti Nagpaul-D’Souza, a journalist with The Indian Express One of the nice aspects of volunteering with TWC2 is the reward you feel contributing a bit to restoring migrant workers’ faith in Singapore. The tougher side is that more often than not, you are only confronted with real bad stories and cases. That makes  Continue Reading »

Getting to Bahamas

Transient Workers Count Too launched a custom-developed software application in October 2016. It is a complex matrix that is part-database of volunteers, members, donors and other contacts, part-database of volunteering events, and a whole lot of interactive connections between people and events. We’ve named it Bahamas — Benefactors and Helpers Management System. It will allow  Continue Reading »

Reflections: Access to medical care

Most interns who spend 6 – 9 weeks with TWC2 are asked to wrap up their internship with an essay on a specific topic. Nikie spent May to July 2016 with us assisting with casework and the Labour Court Research Project. In the process, she came across many foreign workers who had difficulty getting the medical  Continue Reading »

One in three foreign workers still not getting itemised payslips

Of over 500 Indian and Bangladeshi workers surveyed recently by Transient Workers Count Too, one in three reported that they were not getting itemised payslips from their employers. This represents quite a high degree of non-compliance with the Ministry of Manpower’s new rule that took effect 1 April 2016. The survey reached a total of  Continue Reading »

How we walked Muslem Motalb, with broken knee, home

Muslem Motalb will always remember Transient Workers Count Too fondly. “I [will] never forget TWC2,” he told us in the days before he went home. “Many people in TWC2 help me so much.” We’ll tell the story here of what we did to help bring his case to a successful conclusion. It took almost a  Continue Reading »

Discovering that they’re boys again

“Never before, I touch a fighter jet,” said Dharmaraj, “and sit inside helicopter, pilot seat.”  Meanwhile, Amin just beamed broadly, unable to say which moment was the most interesting for him. They went on Friday 20 May 2016 to the Air Force open house, held at Changi airport. The outing was organised by TWC2’s Discover  Continue Reading »