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Type of issue: validity of WICA claim contested/denied

Meherul barred from working while his employer stonewalls his injury claim

By Seema Punwani Workplace injuries are not uncommon. But while for many of us in office jobs it is restricted to the occasional paper cut or stubbed toe, for workers in the shipping ad construction field, injuries can be life threatening. And after the injury, comes the trauma of dealing with the claims process. So what  Continue Reading »

Arm in sling, denied medical treatment for a year

Video by Nicole Ng, text by Colin Ng The above video was produced in June 2016, sixteen months after Anowar suffered his injury. Throughout the months following the injury, Anowar did not get much-needed surgery for his shoulder. Some injury cases, like Farid’s, go smoothly and the worker receives the treatment and compensation due. However,  Continue Reading »

How we walked Muslem Motalb, with broken knee, home

Muslem Motalb will always remember Transient Workers Count Too fondly. “I [will] never forget TWC2,” he told us in the days before he went home. “Many people in TWC2 help me so much.” We’ll tell the story here of what we did to help bring his case to a successful conclusion. It took almost a  Continue Reading »

Four years after the accident, Abdus still waiting for injury compensation

By Shona Mac It is a busy Monday evening at Transient Workers Count Too’s Cuff Road Project and there is a throng of men queuing to receive a meal and milling around chatting to the team of volunteers. Abdus Salam is patiently waiting to speak to his TWC2 case worker who is currently busy with  Continue Reading »

Letter to Straits Times: Tweak policies to better help injured foreign workers

In a letter published in the Straits Times 31 March 2016, lawyer Dipa Swminathan (pic at right) put her finger on a process weakness that denies many injured workers of fair outcomes. The case she mentions is not an isolated case. TWC2 quite frequently sees cases that resemble what she describes in her letter. —  Continue Reading »

Surviving on borrowed money and three shirts

By Daniel Ling “Driver put all my baju (clothes) in bag, tell me, ‘Boss say, tomorrow go Bangladesh for two month. [If] you no go, boss work permit cutting’”. Hossen Murad, 26, was still recovering from a serious workplace injury. Amid mounting medical bills here, his employer had sought to pressure him into returning to  Continue Reading »

Bees want to kill me

Sadhin worked for a small roofing company. He was, in fact, the only worker and he and his boss were often the only two on the job. On 17 October 2013 Sadhin was working on the roof of a private home, tasked with cleaning the roof before the repairs could begin. In the process he  Continue Reading »

Work Injury Compensation framework fails smell test

By Sam Myat San I have always taken my sense of smell for granted. I used to imagine that losing one’s sight or hearing would be debilitating but that the olfactory sense was dispensable. That was until I met with a young man called Pugalenthy Karthikeyan (or Karthi, as he prefers to be called) who  Continue Reading »

Careful spitting merits fine

“You did Spit onto a Public Place (Drain)” — this was the awkward and legalistic way Imran’s Notice to Attend Court described his offence. How was he to know that spitting in a drain by the side of the road was wrong? “No person shall spit any substance or expel mucus from the nose upon  Continue Reading »

What plagues the migrant worker

This paper by Meera Rajah, a young volunteer helping out with case documentation and follow-up, provides a good summary of the issues that migrant workers commonly face. It is however, not just a descriptive summary, but delves into the reasons why things are as they are, putting the finger on the inequality of bargaining power.  Continue Reading »