Discover Singapore

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Discover Singapore is a TWC2 programme that organises activities and field trips for migrant workers under our care. On average, we organise two events a month.

discover_cycling_340wWorkers recovering from injuries or who have unresolved salary claims are unable to work or not allowed to take up employment. Without income as well, their recreational options are constrained, and these can be very boring periods for them. Saddled with worries on their mind too, the risk of depression setting in is heightened. The Discover Singapore programme plays an important role in lifting spirits and keeping bodies active.

Most of time, due to limitations of budget, our volunteers plan for activities in public spaces, incurring cost only for transport, a meal and refreshments. We are always grateful for sponsors so we can vary the programme to include trips to paid-admission places such as the zoo or Night Safari, or perhaps a concert. Alternatively, we can include a boat or cable-car ride in a day’s programme.