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Who we are – Executive Committee

President: Russell HENG Hiang Khng, President since the AGM in March 2011, joined TWC2 shortly after it was formed in 2003. He has since held the position of Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President. He has a PhD in Political Science from the Australian National University and was a researcher at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies until his retirement in 2007. Prior to his academic career, Heng was Features Editor of The Sunday Times in the Singapore Press Holdings group.
Vice-President: Noorashikin Abdul Rahman has been a board member of TWC2 since it was first registered as a society in 2004. At TWC2 she has run projects in diverse areas such as direct services, capacity building, research and advocacy. Currently, she specialises on research and advocacy. Two recent research reports that Noor completed for TWC2 were “Justice Delayed, Justice Denied” and “Made to Work: Attitudes towards granting regular days off to migrant domestic workers”. Noor has a doctorate in Social Sciences and has published several book chapters on migration and migrant domestic workers in Singapore.
Secretary: YEW Kong Leong rejoined TWC2 in 2008. He has been a member of the executive committee since 2009 and the organisation’s secretary since the 2011 AGM. He also oversees the technology needs of TWC2. Leong has a PhD in International Relations from the University of Adelaide and currently teaches at a local university. 

Treasurer: Alex AU Waipang has been Treasurer since the 2011 AGM, and also leads the organisation’s communication efforts. Although he has a corporate and marketing background, he is better known in Singapore as a socio-political commentator and human rights activist with a long-running blog. He has contributed several chapters to various books on politics and society, including Impressions of the Goh Chok Tong Years (2009), Management of Success Revisited (2010) and Voting in Change (2011).


Exco member and immediate past president: John GEE has been involved since the inception of TWC2 and President from 2007 to 2011. Professionally a freelance writer, he is now a board member and head of the Research Sub-Committee. Since 2003, he has given particular attention to promoting a weekly day off for domestic workers. He co-authored ‘Dignity Overdue’, an account of TWC2’s forerunner, The Working Committee 2, as well as the 2009 research report, ‘Indonesian Domestic Workers in Singapore’. He has written numerous articles and letters on migrant worker issues and assisted a stream of students and researchers who came to TWC2.
Exco member: Roderick CHIA has been an Exco member since the 2011 AGM. He is an independent researcher with a background in communications, human rights and security studies. Roderick holds a Bachelor of Communications Studies (Journalism) from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, and obtained his MSc. in International Relations from the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Singapore.


Exco member: Debbie FORDYCE, a long-term resident of Singapore and a life-long advocate for the underprivileged, was helping Vietnamese boat refugees confined in camps in Sembawang in the 1980s. Now she devotes almost all her time to TWC2, leading the Cuff Road Food Programme.  Her volunteer work with the meal project has her talking to workers to record their stories, and keeping records of the types of cases and the individual participants, information that supports research and reveals gaps in the system of recruitment and employment. Many of these men, in spite of their desperate situation, have become good friends ready to share their lives and dreams.


Exco member: Shelley THIO has been on the executive committee since 2008, and currently chairs TWC2’s Direct Services Committee. Since 2006, she has been a volunteer case worker, providing advice and assistance to male and female migrant workers. The particularly invisible ones – domestic workers trapped inside homes and fishermen confined to boats – are her special concern. In the course of her work, Shelley has also been advocating for the rights of migrant workers in Singapore.


Exco member: WANG Eng Eng has been a member of TWC2 since 2004. She was secretary from 2008-2010 and an exco member since 2004. Eng Eng has been involved in various print and media activities of TWC2 including the Cuff Road Project and other publicity posters. A media producer by day, she has also made a film on the plight of homeless migrant workers, Lights Out,  in 2009. Eng Eng graduated with a BA from the National University of Singapore.


Who we are – Audit Committee


Audit Committee chair: Christopher PEH was first elected to the Audit Committee at the AGM of March 2011 and reelected in 2012.  He is also a member of TWC2’s Communications Sub-Committee.  Christopher was active in grassroots activities and had been involved in community work since 2005, where he held different office positions in his constituency’s various grassroots committees, which includes treasury and audit positions.  Throughout his corporate career, Christopher has garnered significant marketing experience with a focus in the Asia Pacific region for commercial and industrial real estate.  He currently heads the Vietnam marketing team for a leading real estate development, investment and capital management company headquartered in Singapore.  Christopher holds a Bachelor of Business & Commerce from Monash University (Australia).


Audit Committee member: CHEOW Xin Yi is the newest office-bearer. A journalist by profession and a regular volunteer at The Cuff Road Project, she was elected to the Audit Committee at the AGM of 2012. [More info to come].


Who we are – Regular staff

Executive Director: Vacant
Community Worker: Kenneth SOH handles an endless stream of calls from migrant workers with problems large and small. His previous work experience involves working with youth, family, healthcare and cancer patients in the areas of case management and counselling. Kenneth work day is frequently starts at 7.30am in order to be at the Cuff Road Project’s breakfast programme, where he is there is to provide a listening ear and advice to workers who need to understand where they can turn to in government or medical services for help. The greatest satisfaction that he gets from the job is seeing happy workers leaving Singapore.


Assistant Social Worker: Raymond Ang comes from another voluntary welfare organisation where he was an assistant teacher, working with children and their parents in the area of early intervention for special needs. He is always ready to extend a helping hand and a listening ear to those who needs them. He is also currently pursuing a degree in psychology in order to build a career as a counsellor.


Administration Officer (part-time): Christine Scully handles administrative affairs, such as memberships, volunteers, outreach organising and communications with our people network. She comes with long years of experience as a personal assistant in legal firms, in a healthcare institution and in another social service organisation working with children. Always positive-minded, she finds it very rewarding to be part of a team that tries to make the world a little better.


Accounts Officer (part-time): Christina Chng comes with a life-long career experience in accounts. She used to handle up to eight sets of books simultaneously. Her other responsibilities in TWC2 include human resources, and supporting the office bearers in discharging their statutory responsibilities. What is noteworthy is that she took substantial pay cut to join TWC2 after learning about our organisation, since we had told her that as a charity we could not be generous. “I am so impressed with the work you volunteers do for no compensation, it’s not right for me to quibble,” she said to TWC2 president Russell Heng.

Who we are – Some of our volunteers

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