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TWC2 holds a carnival at Penjuru

February 22nd, 2021|

With migrant workers still confined to their dormitories, TWC2 holds a carnival near a cluster of dorms to cheer them up and offer any help they need.

The dorms are not the problem

May 1st, 2020|

An essay based on a talk given by Alex Au at a Labour Day webinar organised by Maruah in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic that badly affected migrant workers in Singapore.

Joyless Joylicious, part 3

April 26th, 2020|

Twenty roommates of a migrant worker were locked inside a room after the worker fell ill with Covid-19. The room was locked from the outside. The employer was unhappy we went public with the problem on Facebook. MOM also said we had not informed them.