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“One room sleeping 26 man”

August 27th, 2023|

Are cramped dormitories a thing of the past? We ask four workers at random. Meanwhile rents are increasing as foreign worker numbers rise.

MC money not paid. Again.

August 5th, 2023|

Over two and half months, our intern observed how common complaints were by injured workers about not receiving their medical leave wages. She reflects on what she heard from the men.

TWC2’s digital service desk

July 29th, 2023|

As her two months with us came to an end, we asked an intern to reflect critically on the primary tool she was using to provide information and assistance to workers – the Trengo platform.

How do workers know about TWC2?

July 20th, 2023|

Unlike TWC2's WhatsApp number which is regularly advertised, we almost never tell workers the address of the Cuff Road Project, where workers can also come for assistance. So how do they know about it?