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The outlaw ocean – human trafficking and other crimes, part 1

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) has long highlighted the plight of men recruited into fishing industry from neighbouring countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam. The deception inherent in recruitment, the abusive conditions in work, uncertainties over salary and the inability to leave the trawlers even when workers have had enough, all contribute  Continue Reading »

How some employers cheat both the government and workers

In June a year ago, we wrote about the Everglory scam. It’s not confined to Everglory Construction Pte Ltd but is in fact quite a common scam. Since the first cases emerged in early 2018, Transient Workers Count Too has seen a new case every few days. The earlier article described how the scam works.  Continue Reading »

More of here, less of there: increase in repeat workers and fat profits for the underground job broker in Singapore

The recruitment landscape for non-domestic Work Permit holders has changed dramatically in just a few short years. About 80% of these workers are ‘repeat workers’ i.e. they have had a job here before their current ones. This is a big change from only four years ago when we found a slight majority on their first  Continue Reading »

Paper laws and how workers’ wages are stolen

Proving a salary claim requires evidence. So we ask our interviewees whether they were paid in cash or through their bank accounts. Bank transfers create an audit trail that will prove how much employers paid (or didn’t pay), whereas cash leaves no trail at all and thus disadvantages the worker in his claim. Ripon was  Continue Reading »

Ask the insurance company

Most injured workers who seek help from TWC2 have engaged a law firm to assist with their injury claim.  Although legal assistance is not necessary for the no-fault work injury compensation (WIC) process at the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), many workers feel more secure having an injury lawyer.  Perhaps the worker is unsure how to  Continue Reading »

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