Volunteers joining the Communications team need to be equipped with some basic knowledge of our objectives and the nature of workers’ cases. It’s also useful to have a grasp of key terms, otherwise you may not understand what your interviewees are trying to tell you.

There are six video tutorials below. They were developed for volunteers who prefer the role of reporter and textwriter, but their content is applicable too to those volunteers who prefer to work with photography or video.

New volunteers are expected to complete at least the first three videos below — at your own time — before you can begin doing interviews, whether your worker interviews are for text articles, photo essays or video-making. When you have finished viewing the first three videos, please send an email
to “webadmin @ twc2 . org . sg”
to confirm that you have done them.

When the webmaster receives your confirmation from you, he will elevate your volunteer status from Novice to Associate.

bahamas_join_iconOnce elevated to Associate, each time you log into Bahamas (, you will see a buffet of interview sessions that the webmaster has laid out. Choose a session that suits you date-wise and click the blueman-plus icon (example at left) for the chosen event to indicate that you will be coming to that session. The webmaster will be there to guide you.

Please do not drop in unannounced at any other session. The webmaster will NOT be there if no volunteer has signed up for a session.


The six training videos are:

1. Why we write

2. How we write

3. Work passes, IPAs and Special Passes


The 4th to 6th videos are useful too, but you can watch them after you’ve done your first or second interview, in order to round off what you learned from your interviewee’s story.

4. Injury cases

5. Salary cases

6. Work pass scams