Intern With Us

An internship with TWC2 gives you the following experience:

  • Insight into the laws and regulations that apply to low-wage foreign workers and how they are implemented or not implemented;
  • Hands-on experience intervening when a foreign worker faces a problem, through understudying and assisting caseworkers.

Examples of how interns have assisted case workers include:

  • helping rescue workers from abusive employers;
  • accompanying workers to hospital or to police stations;
  • assisting with case documentation when large groups of workers show up at the same time;
  • explaining to workers the various steps in a case resolution process.

All interns are also expected to have a special project of their own using their unique skills or areas of knowledge. This must be completed at the end of the internship.

Examples of special projects that interns in the past have done:

  • carrying out independently a small research or focus group project, including analysis and report-writing;
  • making a video;
  • organising logistics for key events.