We invite all volunteers, staff and members to join us for a series of Strategic Review meetings at our new offices in February 2023.

We have set aside three time slots. Please join us at one or more of these time slots that suits your schedule.

Our intention is to keep these meetings mostly unstructured, so that we are able to cover any angles that participants bring up, rather than try to predetermine what we will talk about. However, as guidance, we hope to touch on long-term issues including:

  • Should TWC2’s mission evolve? If so, in what direction?
  • Are there migrant worker constituencies we do not adequately serve? Do we need to / want to do more in those areas? What resources will we need if we wish to do so?
  • Are our service programmes appropriate to migrant workers’ needs? If not, how should our programmes evolve?
  • Are our research capabilities good enough? If not, what’s needed?

Please do not feel inhibited from coming even if you’re only an occasional volunteer, or one who has been too busy lately. It would be great to reconnect, and we still value your viewpoints.

The three sessions are scheduled for:

  • Friday 10 February, 3:00 to 5:00 pm;
  • Tuesday 14 February, 7:00 to 9:00 pm;
  • Friday 17 February, 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

It will be held in TWC2’s new offices at

180B Bencoolen Street, #09-01,
The Bencoolen (office tower)
Singapore 189648

Refreshments will be available. If you wish to bring a packed meal during the evening sessions, that’s fine.

If interested, please add your name to the Bahamas events ( that have been created, so we know whom to expect.