Made to sign various documents

4 10, 2014

No salary, no day off for 20 months, part 2

2019-08-30T16:33:01+08:00October 4th, 2014|Articles, Stories|

By Nissa Mai Continued from Part 1. I have a lot of other questions for Surya [1]. How did such an empowered, decisive young woman get trapped in a clearly illegal and exploitative situation for such long time? Wasn't her contract for only two years? And if she didn't receive her salary, why didn't she

3 01, 2014

The blue thumb

2019-08-30T16:34:11+08:00January 3rd, 2014|Articles, Stories|

Hossain Mohamed Dulal holds up his cellphone and shows us a a picture that he took of his left hand. It's bandaged after surgery, but his thumb is a sapphire blue. He says that day his boss "catch my hand and squeeze" it. "Very, very pain," he says of that moment. "I cry". It doesn't

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