Process stage: labour court

15 12, 2018

In-Principle Approval: uses and abuses 2011 – 2018, introduction

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Introduction Accompanying this introduction is a six-part series of articles that spotlights the In-Principle Approval for a Work Permit (“IPA”), a key document in the import of foreign labour into Singapore. Behind the document is a process that, over time, has shown several weaknesses. What began as a document and process with a laudable aim

15 12, 2018

In-Principle Approval: uses and abuses 2011 – 2018, part 4

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Part 4: MOM begins at last to respond to changing circumstances In Part 2 of this series, we described how workers with salary claims often pointed to the stated salaries in their In-Princple Approvals for Work permits ("IPA") [footnote 1] as the basis for their claims. However, the Ministry of Manpower ("MOM") itself took the

15 12, 2018

In-Principle Approval: uses and abuses 2011 – 2018, part 2

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Part 2: Salary terms Very few of the migrant workers from India and Bangladesh working in non-domestic sectors have written employment contracts. Contracts are more common with workers from China, but typically these contracts are signed in their home country between the agent and the worker. TWC2 noticed that Ministry of Manpower (MOM) officers often

22 06, 2018

“Justice for foreign workers benefits Singaporean workers too,” says TWC2 President

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In a commentary piece carried on Channel NewsAsia on 21 June 2018, Assistant Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress Patrick Tay wrote of the significance of a recent High Court judgement in favour of Bangladeshi worker Hasan Shofiqul -- which had been earlier been reported prominently by the Straits Times (header pic). Patrick Tay

17 06, 2018

When court orders are worthless: the Zach Engineering case

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Longform by Gautam Joseph with contribution by Choo Wai Hong  Timeline Dec 2014 Two workers at Zach Engineering summarily dismissed after employer has disagreement with Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Mar – Jun 2015 Two workers rehired by Zach Engineering, three other Bangladeshi workers join. Oct 2015 Fifteen workers paid only food allowance. Indian workers fight

10 11, 2017

Basic salary stated in IPA is “prima facie” the applicable basic salary, rules the High Court

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In a landmark judgment released 1 November 2017, the High Court has ruled that the basic salary stated in the In-Principle Approval for a Work Permit (IPA) "would constitute prima facie evidence" of the correct basic salary rate, unless the employer can prove otherwise. The bar for proving otherwise was also set very high. This

15 09, 2017

Employer proclaims he lied to ministry, then gets away with paying less in salary

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Transient Workers Count Too came across a very interesting statement by Mr Tan Khim Long, director of KBC Engineering Pte Ltd. The company was defending a salary claim by a former employee, a Bangladeshi named Showkat, for short-payment of salary. The case was heard by the Manpower Ministry's Labour Court in late 2016 and early

2 08, 2017

Worker had to pay $80 to get his own payslips

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We shall call the worker Towhid. He was paid less than promised through several months of work. After lodging a complaint at the Ministry of Manpower, his case went before the Labour Court, which strictly speaking is an administrative tribunal within the ministry, not a judicial court. Nonetheless, one would expect the tribunal to have

10 07, 2017

Today Weekend features our Everglory scam story

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Our earlier story on the Everglory Construction case (The Everglory scam: productivity incentive shot to pieces) caught the attention of the press. Today Weekend (a newspaper) carried a story titled "Efforts to raise quality of construction workforce hamstrung by dishonest firms" on 8 July 2017, based on our exposé. The newspaper article can be found at this link: