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28 08, 2014

Foreign workers riot in Malaysia over medical care, salaries and mistreatment

2019-08-30T16:33:04+08:00August 28th, 2014|Media Coverage, News, News Flash|

Alleged mistreatment by employers have led to riots in Malaysia by foreign workers, various news sources are reporting. Most serious was what happened on Tuesday night (26 August 2014) in the Malaysian state of Johor. As reported by Malaysian newspaper The Star: Some 800 workers of a factory here set fire to the building Tuesday

19 12, 2013

Soul searching follows migrant riot – Aljazeera

2019-08-30T16:34:12+08:00December 19th, 2013|Media Coverage, News|

A street in Little India. Photo: Reuters/Ajlazeera Aljazeera quoted TWC2 in its story dated 18 December 2013 on the Little India riot (Singapore soul searching follows migrant riot, by Tom Benner and Satish Cheney). It quoted  TWC2 president Russell Heng saying: "We believe that chronic maltreatment and disempowerment can lead to a sense

19 12, 2013

Rare riot exploded in Singapore – Life Week Magazine

2019-08-30T16:34:12+08:00December 19th, 2013|Media Coverage, News|

Ambulance set ablaze. Photo: Straits Times A Chinese-language magazine Life Week carried a feature article (its headline, translated into English: A rare riot exploded in Singapore) about issues surrounding migrant workers in Singapore, in the wake of the riot that occurred on Sunday 8 December 2013. Translated into English, key passages include: "The

19 12, 2013

28 charged, 53 to be deported

2019-08-30T16:34:12+08:00December 19th, 2013|News, News Flash|

Ten days after the riot in Little India, the police and Home Affairs Ministry announced that 28 foreign nationals will be charged and 53 deported. The 28 workers charged so far were "active participants" in the riot who committed violent acts, damaged property, defied police orders or incited others to do so. Although the Attorney-General's

16 12, 2013

Sunday Times Op-ed: A world apart and invisible?

2019-08-30T16:34:12+08:00December 16th, 2013|Media Coverage, News|

Straits Times Managing Editor Han Fook Kwang penned a longish op-ed in the Sunday Times of 15 December 2013. While written in the wake of the riot that occurred a week earlier in Little India, the essay addresses wider concerns, calling for a more layered understanding of the men and women who come here to

10 12, 2013

Little India riot — learning the right lessons from this episode

2019-08-30T16:34:13+08:00December 10th, 2013|Media Coverage, News, Our Stand|

The Straits Times invited Transient Workers Count Too to contribute an opinion-editorial on the incident of Sunday night, 8 December 2013. It was published in the newspaper's  Tuesday, 10 December edition. --- RIOT IN LITTLE INDIA Learning the right lessons from this episode By Russell Heng For The Straits Times On Sunday night, in Little

10 12, 2013

Frequently asked questions — our views on the riot in Little India

2019-08-30T16:34:13+08:00December 10th, 2013|News, Our Stand, Press Releases|

We will inundated with press enquiries on Monday, 9 December 2013, following the small riot in Little India the night before. Many reporters asked similar questions. Below are the more common ones and your responses. ---- Q: To what extent can or should the incident be read as indicative of any underlying tensions or frustrations

10 12, 2013

Media statement on rioting in Little India

2019-08-30T16:34:13+08:00December 10th, 2013|News, Our Stand, Press Releases|

For immediate release 9 December 2013 TWC2 is saddened and disturbed by the rioting in Little India last night. We do not condone senseless acts of violence and would like to see those responsible apprehended and put to justice. We are also concerned about the vitriol and xenophobia online against foreign workers. We would like

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