Type of issue: premature termination and resignation

17 01, 2014

Three cases filtered out

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Whenever we have a new story about a worker, we tend to put a link to it on TWC2's  Facebook wall. Most of our stories tell about workers' experience with salary defaults or the frustrations that follow a workplace injury. Once in a while, we see a comment by a reader on our Facebook wall

12 12, 2013

Not often seen: repetitive stress injury

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By Eitan "One day, boss face change," says Abdul Khaium. "Somebody senior talk to boss, then boss become like angry me." Abdul Khaium does not know the reason even now, but his story is one of an employer who seems to have been patient and understanding until that day. Once the attitude changed, however, it

29 11, 2013

Do workers exaggerate their injuries? Part 2

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The scab on one of Das Thiru's knees about three weeks after the accident Continued from PART  'The employers believe these workers exaggerate their injuries to fool doctors' – so reported the Straits Times on 9 November 2013 (‘Hospitals give too much sick leave for injuries: Bosses’ by Amelia Tan) Is this true?

24 03, 2012

Old dreams asunder, Ahsanur finds new hope

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By Spiegel In Bangladesh, men who have returned from labours in distant Singapore often regale their young compatriots with glowing tales of a city of abundant opportunity, where hard work finds good reward. But for many seeking a better living and lured by the promise of this distant island nation, the reality can fall badly