Cuff Road Food Programme

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Migrant workers who are in dispute with their employers, or are injured, have no family here to fall back on. They are often destitute and unable even to feed themselves. TWC2 operates a food programme in Little India in which a free breakfast and a simple dinner is served every weekday. On Saturday, the meal provided is lunch.

On average, we serve 200 – 350  workers a day.

TWC2’s volunteers are stationed at the food point so that workers have someone to talk to and consult. We give advice on what rights and options they may have, and how they can pursue their cases. Our volunteers also monitor their progress.

The statistics that we compile from the cases we see at the Cuff Road Food Programme gives us an overall picture of the kinds of difficulties and the scale of exploitation and abuse workers suffer. This knowledge informs our advocacy work.

The Cuff Road Food Programme is the largest of TWC2’s direct services. Other programmes are described in Care Fund Projects.