This section contains sub-pages that explain some of the acronyms and jargon we use when we write, a reference compendium of Chinese terms, and an explanation of how Singapore’s restrictions on freedom of speech impact what can be said here.


Gender: On this site, we generally use the masculine to encompass all genders. Only in specific contexts does the masculine mean just the masculine; it will be apparent when the feminine gender also comes into use, usually because the narrative contains both male and female parties and appropriate pronouns are used to distinguish the two.

Currency: On this site, the “$” symbol means the Singapore dollar (also called “SGD”). If we are referring to another dollar, e.g. the United States dollar or the Australian dollar, we will indicate so, e.g. US$, A$.

Units of measure: In this site, we use metric units.

Honorifics: We believe strongly in equality and fraternity. We do not use honorifics before a person’s name.

Pseudonyms: Where names have been changed, it will be stated clearly.