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Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) is a non-profit organisation registered under the Societies Act (Registration file number ROS 0117/2004 WEL, registration date: August 12, 2004). We are also a Registered Charity (Charity registration number 01971) under the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and the Internal Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). Our UEN number is T04SS0088C.

TWC2 is headed by an Executive Committee elected at Annual General Meetings, all members of whom are unpaid volunteers. The current committee was elected in March 2015, to serve a two-year term. See the People page for names of office-bearers. There are a few paid staffers based at a small office, and many more volunteers contributing time and expertise.

constitution_2015Click the icon at left to view our current constitution, incorporating amendments made at AGM 2015. These amendments have been approved by the Commissioner of Charities and the Registrar of Societies.


In December 2001, Indonesian domestic worker Muawanatul Chasanah died at the age of nineteen following months of brutal assault by her employer, Mr Ng Hua Chye. As disturbing as the details that emerged during the investigation – Chasanah’s autopsy revealed some 200 caning, scalding, punching, kicking, and burning injuries at the time of her death – were the comments of a neighbour, one Mr Neo, who was reported by The Straits Times to have said that even if he had known about the abuse, he would not have reported it to the police. He was quoted: “It’s not my business. He can do what he wants, that’s his problem. And anyway, God can see.”

The outrage and concern over the apathy of civil society in Singapore provided impetus for the formation of an ad-hoc group called The Working Committee 2, or TWC2, which was publicly launched on 9th March 2003. The stated objective of TWC2 was to promote respect for domestic workers through education and secure better treatment of domestic workers through legislation and other means. TWC2 launched two major campaigns in 2003: the “Day Off Campaign” and the “White Ribbon Campaign.” By utilizing public forums, art exhibits, photo displays, essay competitions, and other creative avenues, TWC2 invited the public to think critically about the employment of foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

Because The Working Committee 2 was formed as an ad hoc group, it was subject to strict guidelines that regulated its duration of existence, and it was necessary to formalize the organization as a permanent institution, registered under the Societies Act. On 18th August 2004, the organization was re-invented as Transient Workers Count Too – which consequently inherited the widely recognized moniker, TWC2, of the initial organization. As well as continuing the advocacy and educational work of the old TWC2, the new TWC2 expanded its scope of activity to include research and direct services for migrant workers. Furthermore, TWC2 broadened its purview from a specific concern for the welfare of domestic workers to a wider interest in all migrant workers, both male and female, in Singapore.

Following its inception, Transient Workers Count Too has continued to actively engage government officials, migrant workers, employment agencies, partner organizations, and the general public. TWC2 has since grown into a reliable help agency for migrant workers who encounter problems with their employers, a source of information for employers and the public, a centre for generating action-oriented research and a credible advocate for a more enlightened regulatory framework.