Vision & Mission


Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) promotes fair treatment for migrant workers. We envision a society that recognizes and values the important contribution they make to our households, economy and country.

All labour is dignified and should be treated with respect and consideration. Ethnicity, colour, gender, language, religion or class are irrelevant – no worker should be subjected to inhumane or degrading treatment.

Employers should conduct their business honourably, responsibly and compensate their staff promptly and fairly.


Through ground research and engagement with policy makers and employers, we at TWC2 advocate a more enlightened policy framework for migrant labour in Singapore.

We shall extend assistance to workers in need to ensure that they have fair resolution of their cases, dignity in work and living conditions, access to medical care, and protection of their rightful autonomy.

By engaging in public education, we shall promote the social conditions in which exploitation, abuse and injustice become history.