This website is proudly brought to you by volunteers who participated in crUX – an initiative by Savant Degrees that brings together UX designers and web developers in Singapore together to learn, share and apply their knowledge to build a website for a good cause.

Over the course of one weekend, our volunteers conceptualized, designed and built a new website for TWC2, our adopted charity.


  • Aakriti Agarwal
  • Amanda Tan
  • Anh Han
  • Benjamin Joffe
  • Chuang Xuejin
  • Cheong Kah Hong
  • Donald Lim
  • Elisha Tan
  • Gary Teo
  • Grace Sai
  • Mohammed Pitolwala
  • Pat Shui
  • Pierre Wooldridge
  • Sebastiaan Deckers
  • Thomas Gorissen
  • Wen Huang
  • Wong Bi Ying
  • Wu Jiajin

About crUX

It’s like Extreme Makeover for websites. We conceptualise, design and develop a new website for our charity of choice over a weekend. Together.

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About Savant Degrees

At Savant Degrees, our vision is to empower entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into intelligent web businesses.

We do this by combining best practices from product management into our unique product development methodology, which pulls from multiple domains. Product management bridges the gap between business goals, engineering requirements and marketing activities. Through our work, we aim to enable entrepreneurs to employ technology in the cleverest ways and deliver products that can change the world.