TWC2 believes that research is critical to effective and credible advocacy. Gaining a measure of the problems and insight into how migrant workers see their situation helps us ensure a fact-based approach and better informed public discussion. In the short time that we have been in action, TWC2 has produced or participated in several research projects. Their findings have often taken public discussion forward by highlighting relatively unknown realities and proposing fair and realistic ways of tackling issues.

All our research reports, together with fact sheets and analysis-commentaries can be found in the section

Our key areas of research are closely aligned with our mission. For example, we have a continuing focus on the factors that make migrant workers vulnerable, such as recruitment costs, debt, and difficulty in changing employers (largely due to regulatory policies). At the same time, we collect data and case studies about how workers engage dispute resolution systems — over salary claims, job misrepresentation, or injury — and the issues that arise when they do so. These may include barriers to access, long wait-times, evidentiary disadvantage and sustenance issues while their claims are processed.