Type of issue: delay in reporting accidents & attempts to cover up an accident

15 03, 2017

“Money coming”, but no one told Hossain

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https://youtu.be/sJgiTBRV_tM Text by Jean Law, video by Jonathan Ang Hossain Monir believes that compensation for his permanent injury was paid out three months ago, but not to him. He is mistaken, but he is not totally wrong either. Indeed, a compensation sum had been offered to him, but he wasn't informed. His case shows how

28 08, 2016

Bleeding badly from injured hand, Juyel ferried from doctor to doctor

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By De Sheng Poh “So many pain, so many blood.” remarked Juyel as he recounted his harrowing experience immediately following a serious injury sustained in the line of work. Earning an average of $1,200 a month, Md Juyel Hossain Md Abdul Hai, a Bangladeshi national, is the sole breadwinner of his extended family, which consists of

14 06, 2016

How we walked Muslem Motalb, with broken knee, home

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Muslem Motalb will always remember Transient Workers Count Too fondly. "I [will] never forget TWC2," he told us in the days before he went home. "Many people in TWC2 help me so much." We'll tell the story here of what we did to help bring his case to a successful conclusion. It took almost a

17 10, 2015

Broken bone in foot but no surgical intervention

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By Samantha Ege “This leg, very big already,” Ali tells me, gesturing towards his noticeably swollen foot. On 23 February 2015, Ali was working as he would normally do, at a shipyard. He was dressed in the necessary protective gear, complete with brand new safety footwear. However, this was not enough to save his foot

18 09, 2015

Injured workers hit face-on with doctor and housing issues

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Medical treatment and housing -- two issues that workers, after an injury, find themselves grappling with. They shouldn't have to, and it is troubling to any outside observer that soon after an injury, perhaps still in pain with mobility difficulties, anyone should find himself with these additional complications. For a little insight as to how and why these