Type of issue: delay in reporting accidents & attempts to cover up an accident

4 02, 2015

“Locking into container never happened,” says employer

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Express Point Engineering Pte Ltd took exception to our article published on 17 December 2014, titled 'Injured Hossian hidden away in locked container'. The employer asserted that this was untrue, though this was possibly later qualified with a further nuance: that they had no knowledge of any such incident. Following an email from Express Point,

4 07, 2014

Building boom leading to more workplace injuries

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Released yesterday by the Manpower Ministry, new statistics revealed a jump in construction-related deaths this year – 17 in the first half, with eight cases in January alone, up from 11 in the same period last year. Major injury cases also leaped 15 percent this period from last year to 71 cases. TODAY reported (Building

21 05, 2014

Went to lawyer in November, injury claim not filed till April, says worker

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By Pan Chuen His livelihood depended on him being physically fit and able to shoulder heavy materials, but a worksite injury dashed those hopes. The only break in the dark clouds above him is a compensation pay-out from his employer. But what if the lawyer doesn't act promptly? Like many other Bangladeshi workers in Singapore,

29 04, 2014

Inspectors coming, so crew moved elsewhere

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Your writer asks Deepak (not his real name) how much overtime he worked, and gets a long-winded response that doesn't quite answer the question. Instead Deepak describes how he has to work two, three or four Sundays a month, sometimes at the main project site in Loyang, other times at a site in the Novena

25 01, 2014

Dulal put to lie-detector test

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Continued from Dulal faced problems on all fronts, none of his own making Laymen think that polygraph tests can reliably establish the veracity of a person’s statement and detect his lies. Perhaps those old movies of the polygraph pen gyrating wildly on the chart and the suspect shouting out his confession, convinced that it’s futile to