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8 12, 2018

Some days the skies are clear and problems float away

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"Migrant workers volunteer to clean Pasir Ris beach on Saturday" said the headline in the Straits Times, 17 October 2018. Indeed, that's what a large group of TWC2 clients did, led by Irene Ong and Marcel Bandur, joint leaders of our Discover Singapore team. This team organises activities for the workers under our care every

15 07, 2017

TWC2 helps 21 workers ‘escape’ Singapore island

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By Jacinta Leow "When they saw the bungalow," recalled Irene Ong, the co-leader of TWC2's Discover Singapore team, "they were delighted, saying 'Wow, it's just like home.'" 'Home' was Discover Singapore's overnight field trip to St John’s Island. It was logistically a lot of work, Irene added, "but seeing how happy they were made it all

1 12, 2016

The artist in Parthiban blooms amidst injury and loss of a hand

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By Katia Barthelemy Photos by Dipti Nagpaul-D'Souza, a journalist with The Indian Express One of the nice aspects of volunteering with TWC2 is the reward you feel contributing a bit to restoring migrant workers’ faith in Singapore. The tougher side is that more often than not, you are only confronted with real bad stories and cases. That makes

8 06, 2016

Discovering that they’re boys again

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"Never before, I touch a fighter jet," said Dharmaraj, "and sit inside helicopter, pilot seat."  Meanwhile, Amin just beamed broadly, unable to say which moment was the most interesting for him. They went on Friday 20 May 2016 to the Air Force open house, held at Changi airport. The outing was organised by TWC2's Discover

11 09, 2014

From sharks to ice-cream via peace, love and sponsorship

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By TK “Wow…… surprise. Very nice place. We will enjoy the place very much,” exclaimed Amir Khan, when he heard that Discover Singapore would be organizing an outing to Sentosa S.E.A. aquarium. Since the launch of Discover Singapore in May 2013, outing destinations have typically been free public spaces such as parks, gardens and beaches.

12 01, 2014

A wild day at the zoo

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By Terence Kek The Straits Times featured TWC2's Discover Singapore project in its edition of 29 December 2013. Their photographer Desmond Foo followed the group on our zoo outing the day before to capture some pictures. Click the thumbnail at right for Straits Times' feature story. Publicity in the Straits Times is a bonus; the

30 12, 2013

Bollywood for the boys

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By Terence Kek They danced into the night. It was also Harun's last participation in a Discover Singapore event. "Discover Singapore is very good," he says. "It helps to take away the pain, worry and unhappy thoughts". Harun will be going home the week after, his injury compensation case finally resolved after a ridiculously long wait

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