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8 12, 2018

Some days the skies are clear and problems float away

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"Migrant workers volunteer to clean Pasir Ris beach on Saturday" said the headline in the Straits Times, 17 October 2018. Indeed, that's what a large group of TWC2 clients did, led by Irene Ong and Marcel Bandur, joint leaders of our Discover Singapore team. This team organises activities for the workers under our care every

18 08, 2018

Sorowar goes home with new $35,000 ‘helmet’

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Before going home on 18 July 2018, Paik Sorowar went around to thank every volunteer and staff member of TWC2 who had helped him in any way big or small. He may see Transient Workers Count Too as the ones who gave him a brand new skull implant, but it's really the Lighthouse Club Singapore

13 07, 2018

One million free meals served — a bittersweet moment for TWC2

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Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu poses with TWC2's one million meals placard. Bittersweet - that's the exact sentiment here at TWC2 as we commemorate having served one million free meals to needy migrant workers. We give ourselves a pat on the back and celebrate this accomplishment. But we then hunker down

28 02, 2018

Employer sent to jail, worker’s compensation still unpaid. Is this good enough?

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Suriakumar Ridgeway Ramaiah, will be serving jailtime for failing to pay injury compensation to a worker. Strictly speaking, the sole proprietor of Ridgeway Marine and Construction, was fined $21,000 on 16 November 2016 for failing to buy work injury insurance for his workers, and for not paying compensation when so ordered, but having defaulted on these, he was

12 03, 2017 and the Straits Times snatch two men from the jaws of penury

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Islam Rafiqul and Sujan Ahmed were downcast when they first approached TWC2 for help. But by the time they went back to Bangladesh, their faith in Singaporeans was fully restored, thanks to the Straits Times and -- a crowdfunding platform for people in need. In Rafiqul's case, he had won a Labour Court case,

24 12, 2016

This season of giving

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Transient Workers Count Too was happily surprised when two unexpected donations came in in the days leading up to Christmas. Vidula (below, at left) brought a cheque for $10,000 -- money she raised by baking 200 cakes and selling them to her friends and contacts. It must have been a hectic few weeks for her.

15 12, 2016

Dr Strange, Indian food, lots of heart and money raised.

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Beginning in 2012, TWC2 treated foreign workers to a nice meal at its annual fund raising event. This year, for a change, we took them to a movie. So Lunch With Heart becomes  @theMovie on Sunday 4 December 2016. The film: superhero blockbuster Dr Strange. The venue: The Projector, an independent cinema that TWC2 rented

30 11, 2016

Getting to Bahamas

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Clockwise from left: Tan Si Hao, Darryl Mok, Marcus Ong, Huxley Goh and Nguyen Phuong Thao Transient Workers Count Too launched a custom-developed software application in October 2016. It is a complex matrix that is part-database of volunteers, members, donors and other contacts, part-database of volunteering events, and a whole lot of interactive