TWC2 activity: donations

29 04, 2015

100 women who care about TWC2

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By Russell Heng On an afternoon in March 2015, Vanessa Hardinge spoke passionately to a room of colleagues and friends about how tough life can be for many foreign workers in Singapore. At the end of her speech, Transient Workers Count Too was richer by $7,600. Meanwhile TWC2 was totally unaware of what was happening.

28 03, 2015

Wide and wider our circle expands

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By Russell Heng A line from an old song I know underlines TWC2’s experience when staff at Barclays, Singapore raised $25,670 for us in 2 hours of one afternoon. It goes, “Wider and wider our circle expands”. Let’s start at the very beginning. In September a bank staff Deepak Siddappa wrote to say they are

8 12, 2014

Hive of activity as TWC2 crosses into second decade

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In a triple celebration 7 December 2014, TWC2 marked its tenth anniversary and International Migrants Day with a benefit event Lunch with Heart. Under the glass dome of Kebabs and Curries atop Mustafa Centre, TWC2's largest-ever event had hundreds of attendees in constant motion, from food to games to meeting old friends and making new

11 09, 2014

From sharks to ice-cream via peace, love and sponsorship

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By TK “Wow…… surprise. Very nice place. We will enjoy the place very much,” exclaimed Amir Khan, when he heard that Discover Singapore would be organizing an outing to Sentosa S.E.A. aquarium. Since the launch of Discover Singapore in May 2013, outing destinations have typically been free public spaces such as parks, gardens and beaches.

8 08, 2014

Roof and rail for injured workers

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014, a delegation from the Indian Women's  Association presented TWC2 with a donation of $4,000. Above, IWA president Pui Lahiri (second from right) presents the cheque to TWC2 president Russell Heng. Other leaders of the IWA who came to our office were Seema Chatterjee (left), Viji Ramakrishna (second from left) and Devika

29 05, 2014

We’ve served half a million meals

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Transient Workers Count Too has served half a million meals since our Cuff Road Project began in 2008. The milestone was celebrated on Monday 28 April 2014 with a boisterous lucky draw and contest. Nonetheless, reflecting on its significance, TWC2 president Russell Heng suggests the event deserves mixed feelings: "Half a million -- while we

10 04, 2014

Serving up shirts

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Dinner time at the Cuff Road Project is usually hectic. Too many laid-off workers crowd into a tiny diner not just to get their meals, but to seek a consultation, get a document explained to them, or apply for an EZ-Link card. They're also there to catch up with friends, or tell us about someone

30 03, 2014

Our accounts reflect our frugality

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In 2013, over 90 percent of TWC2's spending went towards charitable activities, benefitting our clients in a relatively direct way. We spend little on overheads, reflecting a philosophy of frugality we are proud of. Total expenditure in the year was $481,139, leaving us with a surplus of $254,755 from the year's income of $735,894. About