Type of issue: job scam

15 09, 2017

Employer proclaims he lied to ministry, then gets away with paying less in salary

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Transient Workers Count Too came across a very interesting statement by Mr Tan Khim Long, director of KBC Engineering Pte Ltd. The company was defending a salary claim by a former employee, a Bangladeshi named Showkat, for short-payment of salary. The case was heard by the Manpower Ministry's Labour Court in late 2016 and early

25 06, 2017

The Everglory scam: productivity incentive shot to pieces

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Bikas (left) and Mazibar (right) were two highly experienced workers from the group of five This is a story of how one branch of the government undermines what another branch is trying to do. Low productivity in the construction industry has been a concern for years. Among the measures being tried is a push

5 06, 2017

Anatomy of an S-Pass scam

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By Darren Oei Rama, a forty-ish Indian national, comes up to TWC2 volunteer Alex, giving him an update to his case. Alex nods and says "Good, that's good," though I can't make sense of what Rama is saying. Then for some reason, Rama turns to me and continues telling me his good news, but he

24 10, 2016

Ataus loses his job after only nine days – and after he paid $3,800 for it

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By Kan Ren Jie On 23 June 2016, Ataus Samad Rifat, 28, was suddenly fired from his job. "Go back home. Your work permit has been cancelled. We have already bought ticket."  The ‘madam’ (the female administrative staff) at his office then proceeded to take his work permit from him. That was how Ataus described

17 08, 2014

In three months: Three scams and one hantam

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With additional reporting by Mohd Ridhwan Saju kept reminding his boss for the rest of his May 2014 salary. He had received only $300 compared to something over $1,000 he considered was rightly due. He had put in a lot of overtime work in May. "Ah Soon, he say later, later,"  reports Saju of his

29 08, 2013

Survey uncovers exorbitant agent fees suffered by Bangladeshi workers

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By YC Loh For Bangladeshis in their first job here, about  half paid more than S$7,000 to their agent. More than 70 percent paid over $5,000. By contrast, the majority (over 60%) of Indians paid less than $5,000 to their agent for their first job. These figures emerged from a survey recently conducted by TWC2. The average