from benjamin broekema on Vimeo.

Benjamin Broekema spent nearly three hours on his feet making the above time-lapse video at Isthana Restaurant, one of the two places where Transient Workers Count Too operate our daily free meals programme for out-of-work migrant workers.

At the start of the video, while the day is still bright, you see TWC2 executive committee member Debbie Fordyce setting up a record book and a cup of red tokens. Almost immediately, workers approach, have a brief conversation, sign in, collect a token each and go collect their food. Soon after, other volunteers arrive to help out.

Some workers need a consultation about their cases. They sit for a longer time, have their case histories recorded (e.g. at 00:40 secs) and their options weighed.

That (typical) evening, we served over 200 men. As Debbie said, on first seeing the rapid video: “That’s just the way it feels too, all that frantic movement and hand waving and finger stabbing and note scratching.”

For more information about our Cuff Road Food Programme, see We would also be grateful if more volunteers came forward to help out.