Employment agent jailed for S-Pass scam

Posted by on March 27, 2012 in News, News Flash

Shokkanarayanan Ramakrishnan, 43, was sentenced to four weeks’  jail for abetting a false declaration as part of an S-Pass scam. The Permanent Resident was then an employment agent with Islets Solutions Pte Ltd, and had helped an employer (not named in the Channel NewsAsia story, March 26, 2012) “to falsely over-declare the monthly salaries of four S Pass holders in their S Pass application and declaration forms.”

There is a minimum salary condition for S-Passes, and the employees hired did not meet that condition.

CNA also reported that after investigations were initiated, Shokkanarayanan prepared fake salary vouchers in an attempt to cover up. His employment agent licence was revoked on October 24, 2011 and his deposit forfeited.

He is now on bail pending an appeal. According to CNA, this is the first time a custodial sentence has been meted out to an employment agent for abetting a false statement of S Pass holders’ salaries.

The report did not indicate if the employer was also prosecuted, or what happened to the workers who could well have lost their jobs.

The Ministry of Manpower said 78 employers were prosecuted and convicted of false declaration offences in 2011. In addition, four individuals and one company were also prosecuted and convicted of kickback offences the same year.

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