Din Islam, who almost starved to death in the ten days he was trapped in a shipping container, will finally be going home to Bangladesh after six months in Singapore. He had been allowed to stay while waiting for the coroner ‘s court proceedings inquiring into the death of his friend Mohammad Alamin. The two of them had, after doing a day’s work at Chittagong port, smoked some pot and fallen asleep inside a container. When they awoke, the doors had been shut and locked. No one heard their cries for help until ten days later by which time Alamin was dead and the container was in Singapore.

The Straits Times reported, September 27, 2011, the Coroner’s finding that while Alamin’s death was unnatural, the exact cause of death could not be determined. His body was in an advanced state of decomposition by the time the container was opened.

Din Islam, who miraculously survived the ordeal, was for several months housed by TWC2 Executive Committee member Debbie Fordyce in her apartment at the request of the police. He was just skin and bones when she took him in, but has since regained his health. He has been regularly seen at TWC2’s soup kitchen (The Cuff Road Project) where destitute workers get two free meals on weekdays. He has also learned a few words of English while here.  Speaking to the Straits Times through an interpreter, he said: “Singapore is a nice country. I will be sad to leave. I have made many friends here so I will miss them.”

See the Straits Times report here.

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