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Two anniversaries are taking place in March 2013:

On 9th March, it will be ten years since the launch of The Working Committee Two at a forum in the courtyard of the old National Library building. It was from this ad-hoc group that Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) emerged, becoming a society in 2004. On March 18th, it will be five years since the first meal was served at the Cuff Road Project, our food programme that provides meals to destitute workers every day.

The Working Committee Two was set up to work for the rights and wellbeing of domestic workers. It raised many issues during its eight months of activity. TWC2 continued this work and took it further. It took up the call for a weekly day off for domestic workers and campaigned for it in the years that followed. It raised cases of non-payment and late payment of salaries, continued efforts to promote measures to counter domestic worker falls from high buildings, and encouraged respect and consideration for domestic workers. In all these areas, there has been progress over the years.

The Cuff Road Project was launched after a group of concerned individuals from TWC2, Migrant Voices and ONE-Singapore visited Cuff Road in Little India one evening and saw many men sleeping out on the pavements. Most of them were men who were waiting for cases to be resolved, to secure compensation for injuries, or to act as witnesses in legal cases. They had no income to support themselves. It was not possible for us to provide shelter for them, but we thought that, for a while at least, it might be possible to see that they had food. Five years on, the project is still going, providing breakfast and dinner every weekday and lunches at weekends. As of December 31st, 2012, it had served over 360,000 meals. Most days now, it serves 300 meals.

We are grateful to the volunteers, supporters and donors who have sustained TWC2 over the years and brought closer to realisation the hopes expressed on that rainy Sunday ten years ago. It is only appropriate at the same time to express our gratitude to all who enabled the Cuff Road Project to continue providing its invaluable services: we would not have dared think it possible when the project began.

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