NTUC Lifestyle magazine had a four-page feature on Transient Workers Count Too in their recent monthly issue. With a circulation of 294,000 this should give TWC2’s message a considerable boost.

You can read the story in pdf format by clicking the icon at right.

The magazine’s reporter interviewed TWC2 treasurer Alex Au at Suthas restaurant on a weekday evening. As usual, it was a busy evening, and there was no shortage of workers coming forward with stories of hardship and injustice. The interview was repeatedly interrupted by casework.

That same evening, TWC2 exco member Debbie Fordyce was there too with two polytechnic students working on their projects relating to migrant workers, and NTUC Lifestyle  took the opportunity to have a brief conversation with them.

Meanwhile, regular volunteers such as Corinne (picture in the header) were fully occupied attending to the steady stream of workers coming in. It was a busy evening that gave the reporter a rounded picture of not just what TWC2 does, but also how important our work is to workers, and of the scale of the problem.