March 9, 2012, marked a little milestone for Transient Workers Count Too. The number of ‘Likes’ on our Facebook page crossed 1,000, reaching 1,017 on the morning of March 10., as can be seen from the screen capture above.

When we revamped and relaunched our website on November 1, 2011, with a bit of integration with Facebook on the right-hand side, we had around 370 ‘Likes’. We added more than 600 in the four months by pointing to interesting stories and events, which our website carried in greater detail. “Interesting” may not be the best description to use, though. Some of the stories tell of grave injustice; a handful tell of tragedy.

Many of our Facebook blurbs have been shared further afield.

That these stories move people is evident. That our audience and Singaporeans at large care, that their sense of right and wrong is roused, is demonstrated by the interaction on Facebook.

Transient Workers Count Too would like to take this opportunity to thank all out there for your support and concern. We hope, in a mountainful of small efforts, that together we make a difference.