The four young volunteers shown above were with TWC2 social worker Kenneth Soh doing outreach to Chinese workers last Sunday. Chloe has been with the team for a while but the other three are new.

It was at first a wet day, but by the afternoon, the sun had come out, and “it was hot as hell,” said Kenneth.

“The Falungong group had the shade, and were shouting. So we to stand away from them, in the sun.”

The group was outside Aljunied MRT station, an area where plenty of workers from mainland China come through on Sundays.

Besides informing workers about TWC2’s no-fee services, the volunteers also distributed flyers about an upcoming talk about workers’  rights on Sunday, 5 August.

TWC2 conducts outreach to areas where Chinese workers congregate on a monthly basis. More new volunteers are always welcome.